Thursday, July 26, 2018

Self Made

Kylie Jenner was named the youngest "self made" billionaire by Forbes magazine. Ummm....excuse me while I contain my laughter. First thing's first. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE makes it alone. It takes a team for anything substantial to grow and be successful. Period. Let me break down how Kylie is NOT self-made before I explain how this term is misleading so many others on their entrepreneurial journey.

1. Kylie is the daughter of Kris Jenner.
Kris make have some unorthodox ways but she is a bomb ass momager. Each and everyone of her children has been able to start and grow sustainable businesses with Kris pulling strings behind the scenes. Kylie is no exception.
2. Kylie is a Kardashian.
As I grow in my business, I realize the importance of social media influencers. Many influencers get paid to sell other people's products while some start businesses of their own. Most people who do well in business selling products have a very strong social media presence. Couple that with a hot television show and BOOM your products are going to fly off the shelf, no matter what they are.
3. Kylie has resources.
Yes, it's obvious that Kylie is rich, so monetary resources are plentiful but imagine being having the best of the best vying to work for you or collaborate with you on any venture you are set on pursuing. Best of the best cosmetic manufacturer. Best of the best distribution company. Best of the best graphic designer. Best of the best web designer. Best of the best marketing team. I get the point.

Successful enterprises are comprised of the following:

  • A visionary
  • An executor
  • A money person
  • A connector
  • A marketing person
One person can play a couple of those roles but in success stories, ALL success stories, multiple people hold these roles. Making "self made" a false term.

The Hospital Team
When I worked in health care, the term "teamwork" was thrown around but really everyone was for themselves. Covering their own behinds, trying to make themselves look good while, sometimes, throwing others under the bus for one reason on another. The real impact of collaborative economics didn't hit me until I started building a direct sales business. Call it a pyramid scheme but when you realize that your paycheck depends on the someone else getting a paycheck, you are going to go above and beyond to help them understand HOW to get paid and then help them actually take the steps to get paid. And in direct sales, the more people you teach this model to, the more money you make. So, everyone is helping each other get paid. Now THAT is teamwork. 

I run my business with the same teamwork spirit but running Fancy Free Hair & Skin is a little different than building a direct sales team. In direct sales, you want your business partners/team to duplicate your efforts and surpass you but in business you want you teammates to focus on doing what they do best to fulfill their role on the team. My role is to develop quality products that our customers want and manufacture them. However, I don't manufacture by myself because that's not sustainable, so I have help. My manufacturing tech keeps us on track with our production schedule, makes sure we order supplies on time, and also keeps me motivated when I want to sit on the couch. Hey. It happens.
The Fancy Free Team

But who cares if the product is good. No one will buy it if they don't know about it. That's why I have a public relations expert to get my brand in front of people and a marketing expert to make sure I'm sending the right message about my products to the right people. But no one cares if I'm saying the right things to the right people is the presentation of the product is trash. That's why I have someone who is in charge of designing labels and packaging. And another person in charge of making sure the product pictures and social media pictures are in line with my brand. 

It really does take a team. I don't have to spend time trying to figure out how to do those things that are not in my area of expertise only to come up with mediocre results. I can focus on my energy on product development and being the face of the brand, while my team makes sure the other areas are covered.... and executed with excellence.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. It can be lonely but you don't have to go it alone. Don't let these headlines fool you into thinking that you have to do it by yourself to a talked about success story. You don't. You shouldn't. You will not be successful if you try to do it alone.

So, congrats to Kylie Jenner and all of the other entrepreneurs doing big things. I am inspired and you help keep me motivated but make sure you acknowledge your team. You couldn't have done it without them.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Weeding The Garden: Identifying Relationships To Eliminate

I know there are 9 bridesmaids pictured.
2 of them are my sisters so they don't count. LOL!
I don't know why I hear so many women say they have a hard time staying friends with women. I have a rack of close friends that I've accumulated over the years. For example: I had 7 bridesmaids in my wedding when I was 27. I was close with all of them. I am still close with all of them. If I were to get married again at 37, I'd probably have a few 15 total. I don't know. Maybe I'm a friend hoarder. LOL!
Now, of course, a few weeds made their way into my garden but I weed often, so they didn't last long. 

Characteristics Of Weeds
1. Negative energy. 
Sometimes it's hard to read energy. I have become more in tuned with my intuition as I have matured. I decide if a relationship is worth building just like I run a business or a laboratory, hire and fire quickly. Relationships with history can be mended but if someone is shady or doing people close to them wrong, it's only a matter of time before you're the victim. *DELETE* I wish you well but I don't want that around me. I work too hard to attract love and light into my life.
2. Haters/Frienemy. 
These people are always watching what you're doing. Instead of congratulating you or celebrating
you, they know someone who is doing better or they go out of their way to "one up" you. These people also find a way to point out the smallest flaw. They don't do it in love either. They don't want you to think to highly of yourself. NOPE! *DELETE* What is for me is for me. If you are not happy for me, go over there and be sad away from me.
3. Never shows up. 
When I say "show up", I mean physically and just to have someone to talk to. When a relationship
gets to the point where it's not adding value to your life, then it's time to end it. Quickly. I am a giving person, but I also need love too. One sided relationships have no place in the Fancy Life. *DELETE*
4. Makes every situation about them. 
When you realize that everything isn't about you, it's so much easier not to take things personally. You definitely don't get offended. I just don't want to be around insecure people. The last thing I don't want to do is start being paranoid, thinking everyone is talking about me or doesn't like me for one odd reason or another. It's way too stressful. I ain't got time for extra stress in my life. I don't attend pity parties. *DELETE*
5. Doesn't invite you. 
They half ass show up to your events and when they have something they "thought you were busy" or "wouldn't be interested". The truth is, they didn't want you there. When you shine, some people don't want you around their people because they don't want you to out shine them OR, now lean in and read this closely, they don't want you around the people they talk shit about you to. You know, to show those people the the truth about you. Not interested. *DELETE*

A couple of new flowers. No weed zone.
When you realize that someone in your life is displaying one, some or ALL of these characteristics, CUT THEM OUT of your life!!! And I do not care who they are to you. NO ONE IS EXEMPT! People spend a lifetime coping with family issues and the like. So if you realize that one of the weeds in your life is your parent, sibling, cousin, best friend from kindergarden, whomever it may be, if they are no longer adding value to your life, you will be better off without them. Trust me. I have real life example.

Shameless Plug Alert:
Fancy Free Hair & Skin manufactures quality products for hair and skin, as well as provides natural hair consults for women who would like assistance on their natural hair journey. Our motto is "Keeping you chemical free." Visit our website,, to see a full range of our products and services. Sign up for our mailing list to receive natural hair tips and stay up to date on sales and the latest happenings with Fancy Free.