Friday, September 16, 2011

I Want It All

For us, 2010 was a trying but fruitful year. While my husband and I had our ups and downs, as in any relationship, we were blessed with a beautiful, new home. We call it our dream home. However, buying a house was not in our 5 year plan. So the result of us buying our new home without preparation and planning was that we were broke. We've struggled financially before, but this was a new kind of broke we had never experienced before. It was a humbling experience for which we are thankful. But there are side effects when you go through this type of experience. Now that we are beginning to recover, financially, it's so hard to focus on paying those bills that accumulated in your financial disparity when you just want to buy EVERYTHING!!!!!
Things I want:
Boots, handbags, coats, shoes, jeans, jewelry, watches, artwork, chaise lounges, a new computer, an iPad, the iPhone 5, new cordless phones, lavish vacations, my custom closet, a fly 4WD truck, new comforter sets.....I could go on forever. I think I made my point.
Things WE need:
A pool cover, space heaters, roof repairs, new doors in the solarium, a few new windows, phone lines, a lawnmower, new wiring on the garage door opener, downspouts, water bill, car insurance, etc. Blah, blah blah! All boring, non-fun stuff.
The term "feast or famine" fits well in our situation. We've been in famine for longer than we've ever experienced before, we are anxious for a feast. We are being patient and appreciate our blessings......but I WANT IT NOW!!!
Ok. Rant over. LOL!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beefing with Beyonce`

I consider myself to be a Bey Stan, but here is my personal beef. I used to be Aaliyah but since she has passed I've become Beyonce`. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I own EVERY tour DVD and CD starting from Destiny's Child first LP released in 1998. I usually make it my business to learn ALL of the choreography so that I can perform at local night clubs, house parties, or just home in the mirror. So you can only imagine how sad it made me when I realized that life decisions requiring adjustments in our household budget meant that I had to forego seeing Beyonce` in the flesh for both "B-Day" and "I am...Sasha Fierce" tours. I have the DVDs but still....

Now that things are coming together, my husband and I are recovering from our financial sacrifices (refer to previous blog entries for details) it was perfect timing for us to purchase VIP treatment tickets for the "IV" tour. This would make up for missing the other tours and be a treat for all of our accomplishments and sacrifices. I had my pennies all rolled and ready to go for "IV". I was a little suspicious when the tour dates weren't released with the album and even more suspicious when she did her intimate shows in NY. Mainly because she usually does those intimate shows as her world tour winds down. Yet, I was still prepared to see my Bey for the "IV" tour, only to have my dreams smashed to smithereens on Sunday when she announced that she was with child. Now I understand that she was ready to start her family, but we, yes WE, had plans.

For me, it feels like finding out your childhood friend is pregnant AFTER you have planned a big, extravagant vacation to Bora Bora followed by a back packing journey across Europe for next year. Which explains the lag time in posting my rant. I had to get myself together. I mean, you can still go on the vacation but it won't be the same without your sister from another mister. I would be excited about my expectant neice or nephew but sad about that fact that the plans we had are now null and void.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know what you're thinking, selfish. But it's only human nature to be a little self centered. I'm so happy for her and Jay, I really am, but the timing is all off. Being a planner, I can't see the strategy behind the timing of her pregnancy. Let's break this down.
1. Beyonce` and Jay JUST released the most critically acclaimed albums of their careers.
2. She won't be able to tour.
3. He won't be able to focus on tour because he's gonna want to be with his pregnant wife.
I just don't get it. I pray to Jehovah God that this is a strategic plan to leave us thirsty so that when she comes back post-partum, she will knock our socks off with music even more heart felt than before and performances that cannot be surpassed. I mean, she WILL have at least a year to work on material. Maybe she will even surprise us with some surprise apperances on the "Watch The Throne" tour.
And to think I was cheap when buying our "Watch The Throne" tickets in preparation for Bey. She owes us for this one....big time.