Friday, February 27, 2015

Portable Chargers - Accessory or Necessity?

There was a time when mobile phones were not a necessity. Now everyone has one. The elderly, small children, even the homeless. People are using them as their primary mode of communication but also for entertainment. A modern-day observation of people in restaurants, waiting areas, public transportation, even while walking down the hallway is that about 80% of them are looking at their mobile phones. Another observation is that people are always looking for an outlet to charge their phones. Using the phone constantly drains the battery quickly. The average active adult may need to plug into a charger multiple times in one day if they are on the go.

How inconvenient is it for the battery to die while you are out and about running errands or handling business? Do you really have time to sit by a wall and wait for your phone to charge? Some of the most popular cell phones do not have a removable battery, so having spare batteries is not an option. The next option is a portable cell phone charger.

What is a portable cell phone charger? It is a portable battery cell that offers a port to plug the charging cord for the cell phone into as if you would your wall charger. Power the portable charger on and you are free to move around while your phone is charging. No longer are you confined to a wall, sitting still when you need to be moving.

Portable cell phone chargers can cost as little as $15 or as much as $200. It depends on the power you need and if the charger has other functions. For larger sized smart phones, you may need to invest more than $15 as these smaller charger may not actually charge your phone just slow the battery usage. Spending up to $200 may allow you to charge multiple phones at once and possibly function as a blue tooth speaker to play music or conference calls on.

Consider the size of your cell phone and battery capacity. Think about how much you are using your cell phone and how often you will need to charge it throughout the day. Keep in mind how much money you have budgeted to spend on an item like this and if you are willing to spend extra for other functions besides charging one phone. Spending $200 on a cell phone charger may seem frivolous but is just as important in emergency situations as a spare tire in your trunk.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015 husband is a Certified Turn-Upologist

When did you first fall in love with hip hop? Hahahahaha!!! Naw. That's not how we met. But close enough. As corny as it may sound, my husband and I were band geeks. Our friendship/crushing began on the drum line of Poly/Western's combined marching band back in the late 90's. Being in the marching band was so much fun in high school. No hanky panky back then, just friends. All the way through college we were just friends. We always shared the love for music. Well, for us, it is a love for 808's and dope beats.

Fast forward 15 years after high school, we debate what song is the hottest. We sit in my car after I got my sub woofer installed to listen to the latest trap music at ignorant volumes. No dining room table in our first house, that was replaced with a drum set. We panic when the surround sound at the house isn't working because we can't listen to our "housework" music. We travel long distances to go to concerts. Our current home even has a music room with assorted instruments, were we have private rock out sessions. To those who know us, we are fans of good music. Music of all genres. Not that being a DJ is a natural progression but it's not a surprise. 

After finishing school and residency, we were able to go out a little bit more. We even started having more parties at our house. He keeps an ongoing list of "party songs" or "bangaz", that's what he calls them, in his phone. That guy always ends up in the DJ booth, giving suggestions for what to play next. When he was asked to be the Hype Man for a Raven's play off party, he did such a good job, he was invited back for the Raven's Super Bowl party. That was confirmation for him. So, when his father gave him an iPod Touch, that was all she wrote.

I really don't pay much attention to what he's doing on the internet. But, I quickly realized what he had been spending his evenings searching for on our 7th anniversary. I wanted to buy him a new coat and was disappointed when it sold out. His response to my explaining that I couldn't get him the gift I wanted to buy him was, "Eff dat coat. I already know what I want." and proceeded to log on to MY eBay account, found his mixer and purchased it, using MY PayPal information.

The mixer arrived the next day and he's been practicing his mixing skills almost every evening, faithfully. Practice makes perfect and he is getting really good. He knows what to play and when to play it. His blends are on point, so we decided to share it with the people. His official debut as a DJ/Turn-Upologist was on a cold Friday in February at our house. We had a ball. My doctor DJ rocks! Shout out to Devan for capturing the fun while Fancy Fotos was on hostess duty.

Being a supportive wife can be overwhelming sometimes. I'm glad I just kept my mouth shut and only offered words of encouragement. My husband is stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something different. Yes, he is a doctor but he needs to feed the music lover in him. I couldn't think of a more productive way for him to do that, mainly because I'm a hustler and this is a hobby we can monetize. Tee hee.

Everything you want in life is right outside of your comfort zone. That's what living the Fancy life is all about. We can support you on your Fancy journey. We have the tools you need for personal growth that give you the confidence to do what you REALLY want to do, live Fancy. 

Check DJ P.O.P. out, live on on Sunday, March 1, 2015 from 2a-4a.

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Home Security Systems - Will You Be A Statistic?

Every year, Americans report two million residential burglaries. One home burglary occurs every 13 seconds. We often hear about some one's home being broken I, if we haven't experienced it ourselves. Surprisingly, some still do not make an effort to protect themselves. Studies show that properties that have a home security system are 300% less likely to be broken into than a home without one. The burglar of a home with a security system is more likely to get caught because the authorities were notified promptly. Yet only 17% of homes in the United States have protection. Installing a security system in your home is a no brainer.

Alarm systems do more than just send a signal to the local police when it detects an intruder, they can also call the local fire department when a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is alarming. Most deadly fires occur when the residents are away or sleeping. State of the art security systems allow you to remotely control your entire home. Control the climate. Turn lights on and off. Even lock doors that were left unlocked. You can do all of these things right from a computer or mobile phone with internet access.

There are a number of reasons why someone would not want to get a home security system. Some older people feel that their neighborhood is safe and since they had not experienced any issue that they will not in the future. Homes of senior citizens are often targeted by burglars. There are other advantages, like the ability to have a panic button for medical emergencies. This alone can justify having a security system in the home of a senior citizen.

Others want to cut costs and are not fond of a the monthly monitoring fee associated with alarm systems. This is an understandable concern in our current economy. Consider the savings incurred by having the service. Insurance companies offer a discount for having these services at the property. If a burglary does occur, the homeowner will pay a deductible before being reimbursed for the depreciated value of items stolen or damaged. Imagine a fire, where everything is lost. No amount of money can replace the sentimental value of items and the home itself.

Acquiring a security system is very simple and can be tailored to fit any household budget. An investment in an alarm system is an investment in your peace of mind, safety, and also saves money in more ways than one.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Alternative Energy - How to Get Rich From Utility Bills

The United States is in the middle of one of the biggest wealth transfers of wealth it has ever seen since the
deregulation of long distance calling. This shift in wealth is seen in the deregulation of energy. What is energy? Energy can be described multiple ways but for the purposes of deregulation, energy is defined as power that is transferred from the environment and converted into electricity and gas to be used for electricity and heating.

How does it work? Local utility companies own the grids that bring power to buildings. Prior to the new regulations, they would buy the gas and/or electricity from a source that produces for an undisclosed price, provide the building energy, then charge the responsible party for that energy. Considering the price that the utility company paid for the energy was undisclosed, consumers were paying a considerable mark up. For example: Electricity is measured in kilowatts. The utility company would purchase it from producer for $0.5/kilowatt, then sell it to the consume for $0.15/kilowatt. Consumers would pay the 300% mark up in addition to taxes and fees associated with being on a power grid. The utility companies had the power to choose where energy was purchased from. If the utility company was able to purchase at a low price, those savings were not necessarily passed on to the general public.

The government decided that these practices are not ethical and stepped in to make changes. With deregulation, consumers are now allowed to pick who the utility company purchases energy from. The utility company still owns the grids and still brings the energy to the building. The consumer can now choose which company based on lowest price. Competition within any industry drives prices down which means savings for the consumer and a more level playing field for up and coming producers.

How does this translate into wealth transferring? These unknown companies that produce energy need help with marketing. A lot of them have positioned themselves with direct sales companies to do this instead of spending large amounts of money on an advertisements and employees specializing in sales. The direct sales associates will acquire customers for the companies and in return, the companies pay a commission on the monthly bill from the consumer. The energy company does not have to pay a salary to employees to make cold calls and go door-to-door. Payments are only made after the sale. It's a win/win situation.

The deregulation of energy in the United States is beneficial to all who use it, which is everyone. Consumers get to save money. Utility companies are kept honest. Smaller companies are able to broaden their customer base which maintain job stability. Normal people, not just employees, are able to earn commission from acquiring customers for energy companies.

Fancy Free, LLC. would love to help you save money on your home and business utility bills. Contact us at (410) 929-0302 for your complimentary consultation.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coffee - Tips For Finding The Best Coffee For You

The most consumed beverage in the world is water. The second is coffee. What does that mean? It means that almost everyone drinks coffee or some form of it. Coffee is a natural stimulant that provides a boost of energy and is a natural appetite suppressant. So, it's an awesome drink to have in the beginning of the day and sometimes for a little pick me up in the middle of the day. While any coffee available or what is on sale satisfies some, others have become coffee enthusiasts always looking for the best coffee on the market.

Looking for the best coffee really depends on what the person searching considers as "the best." There is coffee that is strong and bitter with a kick. There is some that is smooth and bold. Instant coffee is good enough for some while others have to have brewed. Some coffee only comes in ground form while other coffee is available in the bean form and ground at the time of brewing. Paying a lot of money for coffee does not mean that every person who drinks it will like it. There is no way to say that there is one kind of coffee that is the best when compared to everything that is available. When looking for the best coffee, make sure it is in line with personal preferences of the people who will be drinking it.

The best coffee will taste good to who is drinking it. There are five links associated with choosing the best coffee: need, taste, preparation, cost, and accessibility. Top priority for the coffee you will be drinking is to make sure it meets your needs. The best decaffeinated coffee will not benefit the person who needs caffeine. The best bold pumpkin spice blend is not going to excite someone who prefers a plain, light brew. The person who needs to make something quickly because they are on the go may consider instant coffee over brewing. However, someone with a more leisurely lifestyle is open to grinding coffee beans daily to make sure the coffee is as fresh as possible. Some coffee can cost as much as $75 for 30 servings or a little as $8 for 50 servings. Consider what you are willing to pay. However, cost does not matter if you cannot get to it when you need it. The local grocer has a vast selection of coffee that you may have to resort to drinking if you can't get that blend you found in a remote village in Guatemala that is only available from street vendors.

Many consume multiple cups of coffee in one day. There are many benefits to drinking coffee. On the pursuit to finding the best coffee, do not be swayed by someone else's opinion. Take the time to think about what you need from your coffee and begin your search.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Cellular Repair - We Have Found The Fountain Of Youth
Almost all sickness and disease begins at the cellular level. Illness is caused by an outside agent invading the body, called an infection, or the person has damaged cells. A multitude of factors cause daily cellular damage. Every day wear and tear. Infectious agents causing harm. Mutations of the DNA that occur during the growth cycle. The body cannot repair itself as quickly in adult years as it did in adolescence. In some cases the damage cannot be repaired at all. The inability to repair cellular damage is why some conditions are strictly associated with old age.

Children under the age of 8 years old tend to sleep a lot. They are in a stage of growth. Their cells are multiplying at the fastest rate of their lives. In adolescence and teenager years, cell growth and multiplying slows down and cellular repair increases. In the adult years, combined with the perils of life, like drinking, smoking, poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, pollution, so on and so forth decreases the body's ability to repair itself. This ability also naturally decreases with age.

Typically, damage occurs internally or externally. The internal damage comes from infection and mutations. During an infection, a foreign particle invades cells causing damage or the cellular death. The body has mechanisms in place to remove the foreign body. These kinds of infections are usually caused by viruses and parasite, that depend on invading and infecting cells for their own survival and multiplication. In most cases, infection causes death of the cells as the infecting agent proliferates. Some damage can be repaired and other times it cannot. The body removes irreparable cells. Illness is the result of damage cells that cannot be removed from the body. People with type 2 diabetes have damaged insulin receptors on their cells. DNA mutations that allow the cells to live indefinitely cause cancer. Cells should have a finite life cycle. However, if they are not dying, they remain in the body and cause complications.

Repairing damaged cells in a timely fashion is the key to slowing processes that result in age related diseases and can even look like age reversal. When seeking the fountain of youth, look for products that help with cell repair. Everything we need to stay healthy and young is already on this earth. Start with your diet and then dietary supplements. Adding niagen to your diet will greatly improve your cellular repair and help prevent diseases associated with old age.

Fancy Free, LLC. offers wellness products that have niagen as a main ingredient. Contact us at (410)929-0302 for your free consultations. Learn how to earn residual income and free products.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Ebola Virus - Why Ebola Is Scarier Than HIV

Ebola is a virus that causes severe illness in humans and nonhuman primates. It is thought to be contracted from bats but the exact origin is unknown at this time. The symptoms of the Ebola virus are flu like. Sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache, and sore throat. These symptoms are followed by vomiting, diarrhea, rash, organ failure and bleeding, both internal and external.
Most cases of Ebola are from human-to-human contact. To become infected, infected blood or body fluid came into direct contact through broken skin or through a mucous membrane, eyes, mouth, lips, ears, genital area, and anus. Infection can also occur if a mucous membrane comes into contact with a contaminated surface.

To clear up rumors, Ebola is not transmitted through the air in droplets like the influenza virus or the common cold, food and water in the United States, shaking hands or any other casual contact. However, while not a symptom of Ebola, if an infected person coughs or sneezes and the saliva or mucus comes into contact with a person's eyes, nose or mouth, the disease could be transmitted. Consuming undercooked wild meat or game meat in West Africa could potentially transmit the virus.
The incubation period of the Ebola virus is 2 to 21 days. That means that once infected, it may take up to 21 days before any symptoms are felt. However, the person infected is not contagious prior to demonstrating any symptoms.

Why is Ebola more scary than HIV? A symptomatic person infected with HIV may have a viral load of 100,000 to 1 million HIV virus particles in every milliliter of blood. A symptomatic person infected with Ebola may have a viral load of 5 billion to 50 billion in every milliliter of blood. This means that there is so much virus inside the person, it will even be excreted in sweat. The chances of a caregiver coming in contact with a large enough volume to become infected increase exponentially with viral load numbers this high.
People who have traveled to areas of the world where Ebola is an issue should be quarantined for the incubation period of at least 21 days. If suspected of contracting the Ebola virus, only level 4 biosafety facilities are properly equipped to handle the virus and those infected with it. These level 4 facilities are properly contained and have all the safety gear needed in order for caregivers to take care of patients without coming into contact with the virus while keeping the virus contained. Caregivers are to be very vigilant with cleaning surfaces with 10% bleach solution. All clothing and linens of infected patients should be destroyed.

The odds of coming in contact with the Ebola virus in the United States are very slim. The virus multiplies rapidly resulting in extremely high amounts of the virus in an infected person's body fluid. Wash your hands and clean all surfaces with a 10% bleach solution to clean surfaces.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Identity Theft Protection - What Is It And Why You Need

Technology and widespread use of the internet has made life easier. It has also opened up a new
breed of criminals. Hackers. Databases stored on the internet become easy prey to someone who wants to access all kinds of sensitive personal information, including name, address, date of birth, social security number, banking information, credit card numbers, and more for malicious intent. It's a hot commodity. Hackers don't necessarily use this information themselves, they may sell it to the highest bidder or hold it for ransom. These people use it to commit all kinds of fraud which is typically described as identity theft.

Identity theft has become one of the most widespread crimes in the United States. Hackers are becoming more capable than ever to tap into highly secured information. Sometimes they only have access to credit card numbers. The assailants can use these stolen credit card numbers to buy items fraudulently. In situations where all information is available, the crimes can range from opening new credit accounts, draining bank accounts of all funds to filing fraudulent tax returns. All of these activities can affect the victim's credit and put the victim in a compromising position without access to money for bills or even not able to apply for credit for their own benefit.

It seems identity thieves are always one step ahead of the latest internet security programs and unable to solve the most complex of encryption. However, since this crime these types of crimes are happening more often and to larger databases, most financial institutions have systems in place to protect the customers. Constantly upgrading and improving the security on their systems is one of them. Large companies used keep quiet about something within their operations failed. Now, threats are so prevalent that these large institutions make announcements and take preventive measures for their customers when they find out that their databases were compromised. They may also monitor accounts for suspicious transactions, issue new credit cards, start a new account for you, among other things. Some institutions will offer complimentary credit monitoring for a limited amount of time.

Identity theft protection is like insurance for your identity. If someone falls victim to this sort of crime, having protection in place can give them peace of mind. These services can offer benefit such as reimbursement of stolen funds, monthly credit score monitoring, spyware/malware protection while you're shopping or paying bills on the internet, legal coverage, use of a credit restoration specialists, generating suspicious activity reports and much more. Identity theft protection may have seemed frivolous twenty years ago, not now. Living in the information age, it is important to protect the most valuable information you possess, your identity. Crimes continue to evolve just as technology does. Having identity theft protection has become just as important as car insurance and homeowner's insurance. Every protection plan is not made equal but having some coverage is not having any.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Energy Drinks - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.....Finding An Alternative

It seems that society have become obsessed with energy drinks. Caffeinated soda and coffee aren't cutting it anymore. Although coffee and specialty coffee drinks have become pretty popular. There has been a significant increase in the number of boutique coffee shops opening across the country. So much so that even fast food chains have changed in how they market coffee by offering coffee specialty drinks that are compatible with the drinks that boutique coffee shops offer.

Coffee itself will give you a boost of energy. The average cup of coffee has anywhere from 95-125 milligrams of caffeine. That will wake you up in the morning or when you're feeling sluggish in the middle of the day. However, coffee takes some time to prepare and is traditionally served hot. Energy drinks have become popular because of the ease in preparation and the high amount of caffeine in them. Just buy them, pop them in the fridge and consume when you need it. Some don't even need refrigeration. They are consumed at room temperature or added to any drink to give you a boost of energy when you need it. Some can have up to 275 milligrams of caffeine, which is almost double of what coffee has to offer. That much caffeine is not harmful to your health. A healthy adult can safely consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day without any side effects.

When do energy drinks and caffeine start having negative side effects? When adolescents and teenagers are consuming too much of it. When healthy adults are consuming too much caffeine and too many energy drinks or coffee. The other ingredients in these drinks are just as unhealthy as consuming too much caffeine. There are additives, like carnitine, that can cause nausea and vomiting when consumed in large amounts. Other ingredients like ginkgo biloba and ginseng that can have adverse effect with taken with blood sugar control medications and blood thinners. Not to mention the extremely high amount of sugar in some of the drinks. One energy drink can have as much as 54 grams of sugar in one serving. That's almost double the amount of sugar found in a serving of soda.

Coffee, soda, and energy drinks by themselves are not a health hazard. Consuming multiple servings in one day can cause serious side effects. For adults, consuming more than 600 milligrams of caffeine in per day can result in insomnia and insomnia related health issues, restlessness, upset stomach, irritability, fast heartbeat, muscle tremors, and other side effects. Not to mention the health issues associated with a diet containing high amounts of sugar.

Over all, coffee, soda, and energy drinks are not bad for you if consumed in moderation. Remember that a healthy intake of caffeine for an adult is 600 milligrams per day. Be mindful of the amount of sugar and other ingredients in these energy drinks. Awareness of these things can prevent harmful side effects.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cheap Cell Phone Service - How The Big Companies Are Getting Over

Where would we be without our cell phone? It seems like we cannot function without them. The mobile
phone industry has come a long way since they were first introduced in the early 1980's. Back then, mobile phones were large, expensive and didn't do much. The first mobile phones only allowed you to talk. Imagine that. In less than 20 years, they have evolved to the point where they are functioning as personal computers, so much so that they are hardly used for what they were originally designed for... talking.

As the cell phone industry has evolved and the demand for them have increased, the prices have decreased. The standards for how we get service has changed. There used to only be a few carriers that offered service. The customer would sign a two-year contract and buy a phone at a subsidized price. If the customer decided for any reason that they needed to break the contract, the mobile phone company would charge them a hefty fee. In that two-year contract, the customer pays the price for monthly service. What they don't know is that the price for monthly service increased for two years to cover the subsidized price of the phone they buy. Sometimes the company will make almost 3 times the cost of the phone for that two-year contract. For example, the new iPhone costs $600 to buy it and not enter a contract with the company but with a two-year contract, you will only pay $99 for the equipment. Your monthly service costs $130 per month for two years. The company makes $3120 from you. Your phone service only costs them about $30 per month. That's $720 for a two-year period. Minus the cost of the phone, $600, the company profited $2400. This is why contract prices for mobile phone service is so expensive compared to month to month service.

In an economy where everyone is looking to save money, finding the cheapest cell phone plan is the way to go. Pre-paid service is the cheapest way to have service. The customer pays for the phone without getting a subsidy from the company. The customer gets the same quality of service. The customers pays fraction of the cost for service had it been through a major carrier with a contract. The major carriers are now leasing their towers to carriers that offer pre-paid cell service. For the customer, cheap cell phone service does not mean inferior quality. It makes sense to get the same thing for half the price.

Cheap cell phone service is available with the major carriers that offer great coverage. The customer is not getting a deal when the cell phone is a lower price when signing a contract. The customer is paying for that cell phone at least 2 times over the course of the contract. Weigh your options before signing your life away for a cell phone.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Health Care Reform - What Is It And Why Do We Need It?

Since health care insurance was established, the cost to have it has increased exponentially in the United
States. There is much evidence to support the health care providers have not been efficient in the way they provide service. Ordering unnecessary tests. Requiring in office visits for every single ailment. Billing for multiple services and in some cases, over billing. There was a time when insurance companies would reimburse these providers for every single billable item causing the cost of insurance to skyrocket. Increasing costs of healthcare insurance has made it so expensive that it is unattainable to millions of Americans. While reform will decrease the amount of money going into the pockets of providers and other companies, it is the only course of action that will make health care within reach of millions of Americans.

It is not uncommon for someone to pass away from a condition that could have been prevented had it been caught it the early stages. There are hundreds of thousands of cases that escalate because the patient did not visit the doctor during early stages of symptoms due to lack of healthcare insurance. Most bankruptcy cases include medical bills. In fact, medical bills affect many American's credit score. Why are medical bills such a burden to so many in the United States? Physicians not being held to a standard of efficiency that is cost effective. This is where health care reform is important and steps in to lower the cost of healthcare so that it is affordable to all.

The government is stepping in and holding health care providers accountable to make sure they are not over billing patients and having ethical relationships with manufacturers of healthcare products. This means that the billing of medicare and medicaid patients is being scrutinized to make sure doctors are running unnecessary tests and performing unnecessary procedures. Healthcare providers are being held accountable for the quality of care given to patients. No more billing insurance companies for readmitting a patient multiple times within one week for the same illness. In the past, manufacturers of drugs and devices would offer perks to physicians for "trying" their new product. Health care reform is put in place to regulate those kinds of relationships that prove to be unethical.

Health care reform is such a controversial topic because money is involved. Health care providers are, not only, going to see a decrease in net profits they will also have to make significant changes in the way they are practicing medicine. Change is a difficult thing for many to embrace. However, these changes will allow American citizens to access the medical care they need, when they need it without breaking the bank.

Fancy Free, LLC. prides itself on helping people sign up for ACA compliant health insurance. If you are in the market for healthcare coverage or you would like to create residual income by helping people get the coverage they, call us at (410) 929-0302.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Different Strokes For Different Folks

A lot of people refer to me as "Fancy"...hence the name of the blog. However, I don't think of myself as the definition of "fancy". I just like what I like and I'm unapologetic about it. Why should I apologize for enjoying the spoils of my labor? No one should. Shoot, Beyonce didn't apologize for taking a year off to enjoy her life. Hmph!

I am not a person who brags, when I talk about something, it's because I am genuinely excited about it. When people are excited about what they have going on in their lives, I get excited too. I do partake in some luxuries and I invite people in my life to enjoy them with me. I am appreciative of my blessings. I try to point out blessings in people's lives when they feel down. I know that at a moment's notice everything can be taken away. Appreciating what you have leads to increase. Of course, there are things I am striving toward but I am also secure in knowing that what is for me is for me. I don't wish I had what someone else has and I hope that people do not look at my life wishing that they had what I have. Please believe, my life ain't been no crystal stair. I'm just smiling through it all and crying in private. There are also things and activities that I prefer to not partake in. That is not to say that I am above or better than, it's just not my preference. Sorry. Not sorry.

I am simply enjoying life. I don't do it for the Vine or Instagram Grammy awards. I live my life for my own pleasure. Some of it is entertaining, so I post it for a few to be entertained as well. Some times I feel like things in my life can add value to someone else's life, so I share. There is never any judgement, on my part, of people who have different preferences than I do. No matter how you slice the pie, there is always gonna be someone who just prefers broccoli. And that's ok. Imagine how boring the world would be if we were all
doing the exact same things.

I want everyone to win. Of course, I want you to win with me and be on my team but everything ain't for everybody. Believe me. I'm cool with that. I still what to celebrate your success with you. When people choose not to partake in what I have to offer, I am still supportive of what they are pursuing. If I see where there is room for improvement, I do my best to try to help them improve or at least point them in the right direction. If they choose not to take my advice, that's fine too. I ain't always right and I know that I don't know all sides of the story because I'm looking at it from the outside.

No harm. No foul. What's for me is for me. What's for you is for you. There is enough out here for all of us to be successful with whatever we decide to do. I am always willing to lend a helping hand when I can and support other people's efforts.

Working with us at Fancy Free, LLC. will help provide a vehicle for you to live life how you want, as well as tools to help others do the same. Text WOODS to 55469 or visit

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Healthy Energy - Getting A Boost of Energy Without The Calories

In today's society, everyone is expected to do more with less. The cost of living is increasing exponentially
faster than the rate of salary increase. Companies are asking staff to increase productivity with less resources. Gone are the days when one parent was able to stay home to raise their children and handle household duties. Both parents are working outside of the home for a majority of the day and still raising children while trying to maintain the house. Students are bombarded with significantly more information than their parents and grandparents in the same number of days in a school year and, in some cases, the same resources. Yet, we do not have more hours in the day to be more productive. What is the result? People are tired. It seems everyone is looking for ways to boost their energy levels so that they can meet the demands of life.

When looking for a boost of energy, diet is the first place to look. Making sure the level of processed foods consumed are kept to a minimum. Processed foods in your pantry are any foods that are stored in a bag that do not expire or go bad within a couple of months. That is cereal, chips, microwave popcorn, candy, ready made desserts, etc. Processed food in your refrigerator and freezer is anything that is not in it's natural state. Lunch meat, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, dairy, sausage, sauces, condiments, bread, etc. Read the ingredients of your packaged food. If the ingredients have more than three syllables, you probably shouldn't eat it. Everything we need to nourish and energize our bodies has already been put on the earth. The body does not know how to process and eliminate those manufactured ingredients. Consuming them can lead to all types of health issues, fatigue being one of them.

Eliminating as many artificial ingredients from the diet is a good first step to becoming more energetic so that productivity can be increased when needed. However, there are times when a boost of energy is needed to make it through the evening exercise class, finishing up a project, or even an all night study session. Caffeine is a great source of energy and does have some health benefits. However, caffeinated drinks and energy drinks contain ingredients that are not healthy. Coffee and tea provide a healthy dose of caffeine with no harmful side effects. What can make coffee and tea as unhealthy as the other energy drinks are the sweeteners, keeping sugar and cream to a minimum. Caffeine is available in other forms besides a drink, which can be consumed without the calories from sugar and other ingredients. Certain vitamin supplements can give an energy boost as well.

In order to be more productive with less time, more energy and focus is required. Take a look at the kind of food being consumed if chronic fatigue is a problem. For a quick boost of energy, stay away from energy drinks. Caffeinated coffee and tea work well and is healthy as long as the cream and sugar is kept to a minimum. Caffeine and vitamin supplements in situations when there is no access to coffee or tea.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Computer Repair Services - How Online Computer Repair Services Can Help You With Your Small Business

Running a small business can be very rewarding. In most cases, the small business owner starts with a dream and turns that dream into a reality with sweat, tears, money and lots of late nights. While making money by doing something that you are passionate about can be a dream come true, most do not dream of doing taxes and managing payroll. As business increases, handling these tasks can become even more overwhelming than the stages of planning to start the business. Outsourcing some of those mundane responsibilities will allow the owner to focus on the main area of expertise, giving attention to customers which will ultimately grow the business. Let's face it, a plumber is an expert in plumbing. However, a plumber needs to use a computer to keep track of all business dealings. When the computer crashes, should the plumber try to fix it himself? Or let an expert repair it? A community planner running a non-profit would probably want to focus on writing grants instead of dealing with payroll.

There are companies that offer these kinds of services to small businesses. The services can be as simple as an Information Technology (IT) service that will help the business owner with computer and telecommunications issues or as complex as running all aspects of the business including payroll, human resources, benefits, and legal concerns. The purpose of these business services are to allow smaller entities to run as smoothly as Fortune 500 companies without having to spend a fortune. America was built on the premise of entrepreneurship. With an expert handling the hiring and firing, payroll, benefits, tax code, legal issues and things of the nature, smaller businesses are more likely to stay open for business and continue the entrepreneurial spirit of what makes America so awesome.

To determine the scope of the small business services needed, ask a few questions. Is your business stationary or mobile? Is travel out of state or country necessary? Are there multiple employees? Does the business provide healthcare benefits for the employees? Is the mode of communication with customers efficient? Answering these questions and questions like these can help determine the needs of the business.
Whether it is allowing an expert to handle aspects of the business that you are not that great or delegating tedious responsibilities to capable hands that the time can be dedicated to other projects, small business services can be very beneficial. No matter how big or small the task at hand is, delegating those tasks to a reliable and credible entity can only improve how business is done and increase productivity. Increasing productivity means increasing profits.

Fancy Free, LLC. is helping provide small businesses with services that they need to keep business running smoothly. From IT services to Affordable Care Act compliant health care. Call us at (410) 929-0302 so we can help you with your business needs at a fraction of the cost.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fundraising - How To Come Up With The Best Fundraiser For Your Organization

In spite of what Congress says, we are in a recession. The cost of living is rising while household incomes are
decreasing. These all have a rippling effect, which results in lack of available funding for projects and programs that were once fully funded by the government or philanthropists. Lack of funding and a decrease in large donations has led to an increase in the number of fundraisers that organizations are holding.
Everyone can't have the same fundraisers. Pizza sales and over priced cookies and candles are left for the elementary aged kids. Why? Because they're the only people adorable enough to convince people to buy them. Organizations are now looking for creative ways to generate money for their projects. There is a disadvantage to having the same kinds of methods to raise funds as everyone else.

What is the best way to create fundraisers that will be successful and unique? We will start by asking ourselves a series of questions. What are we going to do with the money we raise? Who are the people we will be asking to help us? What do the people we are asking to help need? Can we help them meet that need with our fundraiser?

Once these questions have been answered, we can focus on creating the fundraiser based on the information collected. It is very important to understand what people need and what they are willing to pay for. If the organization can position itself to offer a product and/or service that people need or want, your fundraiser can be a success. For example, people need groceries. If your organization can partner with a local grocer to donate a portion of the proceeds to your organization. People want to lower costs on their household bills. If the organization can partner with a company that can help people save money on their household bills and generate fund for the organization, that is creative fundraising. Creative fundraising should cost as little as possible and generate as much money as possible. People like to party and celebrate, however giving large events in the name of "fundraising" will be extremely costly. The most effective option is to have your organization partner with an existing event. Find a way to leverage existing programs to meet the needs of people who want to support the organization and the fundraiser will be a success.

No matter what you decide to do to raise money, make sure it will fill a need of the demographics you are marketing to and who are willing to support your cause. Keep the cost of the fundraiser minimal to maximize your profits. Leverage existing programs that are willing to partner with your organization.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mobile Marketing - The Most Effective Way To Market Your Business in the Age of Technology

Do you remember the days of pen pals? How about sitting down at the dining room table to write checks and mail bill payments? Believe it or not, circulars and newspapers used to be the only source of manufacturer and store coupons. Those days are long gone. It all started with the widespread use of the internet and free email accounts. Instead of mailing addresses, businesses started collecting email addresses to stay in contact with customers. Now, even email marketing can seem antiquated as most do not check their emails as often as they once did. However, the majority of people may not check their emails but they are definitely checking text messages.

Text message marketing is the next big thing in marketing. It's simple. It's inexpensive. It's fast. It's effective. We are living in a time where mobile phones are considered a necessity. Text or SMS messaging is the primary means of communication in younger generations. People are deleting hundreds of unopened emails on a daily basis but will read every single text almost as soon as it is delivered. Only 65% of all emails are actually opened and read. Only 48% of emails sent to a mobile device are read. But an SMS message will be acknowledged. In fact, over 99% of all text messages are read. With statistics like these, using text messaging as a marketing tool is an intelligent choice.

With this mobile message marketing, businesses are able to gather mobile phone numbers from existing and potential customers and communicate with them using the convenience of a text message. This method of communication guarantees that the customer will receive your correspondence and can choose to take action or easily forward the communication to someone who may find a better use for it, called a referral. The benefits to this type of marketing is that a large number of people can be reached with a 99% chance that the information sent will be read and this can be done for a very low cost.

There are many text message marketing products available. These products are usually a computer program that captures a mobile number when a keyword is sent to a short code. For example, keyword "free" is sent to short code 12345 from mobile phone number (123) 555-9876. The text marketing program will capture and store that mobile phone number. Now the program user can program text or SMS messages to mobile phone number (123) 555-9876 whenever there is any information related to "free". The message will go out to all user who texted the keyword to the shortcode. Simple and effective.

Flyers. Circulars. Newspaper advertisements. All means of advertisement that has been effective for years. With an increase use of technology and mobile phones, marketing using text messages is becoming the way of the future.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Best Cloud Data Storage - Guide To Help You Find The Best Cloud Storage For You

Cloud data storage is the wave of the future. No longer are we storing our documents and valuable information strictly on our desktop computer or external drive. What is cloud data storage? A provider stores your data on secure servers that are accessible from a network for you to access from the internet. Cloud data storage allows us to access our files anywhere that there is internet access. These files can include anything that is saved on a computer: documents, pictures, music, videos, music, etc. This has allowed many companies and agencies the flexibility to have employees work from home. With cloud data storage, we are no longer restricted to the size constraints of email when sharing large files. We can simply upload the file to the cloud and grant access to the file when you are ready to share it.

There are several free cloud storage providers. The advantages of free cloud storage are obvious. The first advantage is that it does not cost any money to store your information in a cloud. One of the disadvantages is that most free cloud storage providers limit the amount of data that you can store. Another disadvantage of utilizing a free cloud storage is that the security of your data may not be top notch. If you have very sensitive information you are looking to store, it may be in your best interest to pay for a cloud storage service.

When searching for a cloud storage provider, you want to consider multiple factors. Consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend every month to store this data? $20? $50? 100? Your budget will dictate the amount of storage space you are allotted and how secure your data is going to be. The amount of data that can be stored. Look at how much data you will need to store. 100GB? 250GB? Or even 1TB? How sensitive is the information you want to store? If your information is very sensitive, you will want to consider a provider who has heightened security on the data. Do you want to have your data store automatically to the cloud? Everything you are working on or save to your computer will automatically save to the cloud as well. No mistakes. No lost files if the computer crashes. Do you want to move files manually? You only move your finished products to the cloud. Do you want to be able to modify documents and files in the cloud? Being able to edit files while in the cloud is a feature that can be very helpful if you are working on the go and do not want to save files to your smartphone or tablet. What operating system are you using? The cloud storage provider should be compatible with the operating systems you will be using.

We all want to get the most bang for our buck. If you are not storing much data and it the information is not that sensitive, a free cloud data storage may be your best bet. Ask yourself the pertinent questions when you shopping for cheap cloud data storage. Sometimes, cheap is not always the best option to fit your needs. Cloud data storage is the optimal way to store, backup, and share data.

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Credit Card Processing - Stop Losing Money

Accepting credit cards is a crucial part of profitability for businesses today. Essentially, businesses lose money when they cannot accept credit cards as a form of payment. With the widespread use of debit cards, people are using cash for their daily transactions less and less. In today's society, most people only carry a few dollars on them for emergencies. Personal checks are becoming a thing of the past. For consumers, they are cumbersome to carry and time consuming to write at the time of check out. Fewer businesses are accepting checks now. Compared to the cost of processing credit cards, the cost of retrieving insufficient funds is staggering. The merchant services provider is able to confirm the availability of funds immediately, while a personal check takes days. The boom of online shopping, also known as e-commerce, has made having a credit card or debit card and being able to accept credit or debit cards is a necessity.

How do businesses get paid when a customer uses a debit or credit card to pay for services? The credit card is "swiped" and a merchant services company gathers the customer's account information and confirms the amount is available. The merchant services then collects the money from the customer's account and deposits the amount into the business' bank account. The merchant service charges the business a small fee for each transaction. The fee may be less than 1% or as high as 3%. The amount paid to the business depends on the credit card processing company and the size of the business.

On the processing side, there is profit with a large volume of transactions or a hefty transaction fee imposed on the business. On the business side, it is best for business to decrease costs. Business will look for a merchant card services company that has the lowest rate per transaction and deposit funds a quickly as possible.

If you are looking to go into business as a credit card processor, it is important to keep in mind that your customers are going to want the lowest rates per transaction. When starting a business that will be accepting payments in exchange for products and/or services, being able to accept credit card payment will play a major role in profits because most people do not carry cash and accepting checks is a hassle. Assess the size of your business and select the best merchant services provider for your situation. Some companies may offer better transaction rates for few transactions of large amounts while others will offer better transaction rates for large number of transactions for small amounts of money.

The days of "cash is king" are over because no one really carries cash anymore. Checks, while useful, are not convenient for daily use. Merchant services is necessary for a profitable in business, so choose the service that best suits the business.

Fancy Free, LLC. is helping everyday people save money and make money from credit card processing, products and services we all use everyday. Call us at (410) 404-7175 to learn more about this opportunity.