Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do I still have it?

While my husband lavishes me with as much attention as he can, I sometimes wonder if the recent lack of attention from the opposite sex if because I'm not as attractive as I was in my bachelorette days or the obvious sign that I'm married....the rings. So, every know and then I may flirt with a guy, just to see if I still have it. Totally innocent, I swear.
After a weekend with my very single younger cousins, I realized that I still have it! The lack of attention, well, I guess some men can be intimidated by the fact that I'm young, fun, fabulous, AND married. I discovered that the married part means that you REALLY have it going on 'cause someone has tied you down. LOL!
So, honey, if you ever read this...I was just checking. LOL!