Thursday, April 30, 2015

Open Minds Learn More

One of the things that I've learned in life is that everyone can teach you something. EVERYONE. I pride myself on adding value to all of my relationships. However, always being a giver can be draining. The blessing in being a giver and a helper is that you attract other givers and helpers. I am surrounded by awesome people who are always willing to lend a helping hand offer knowledge.
In the past 3 months, I have learned a LOT about people around me as well as learned a lot from them. 

Most importantly I learned two very pertinent things that have changed the way I look at my health and how I take care of my hair. Priorities. LOL!
Lesson #1: All smoothies are not created equal.
I have a girlfriend and business partner who battles with high blood pressure and has to watch her diet so she does not become an insulin dependent diabetic. We're having girl talk at her dining room table and she's telling the story about how her doctor tried to come for the nutritional supplement we are marketing. The doctor compares the ingredients to one of the products they are marketing in the doctor's office and sees that what we have is better. My girlfriend had been putting the product, a protein shake, in her breakfast smoothie. And just like me, the breakfast smoothie had been consisting of mostly fruit and maybe some kale or spinach. We all know fruit has natural sugars but what we didn't consider is that making a fruit smoothie may overload you with sugar. Even though fruit sugar is not bad for you. Too much of anything is not good. The doctor explained that the breakfast smoothies should have more vegetables than fruit to avoid sugar overload.
Imagine that. All these years, I've been doing the breakfast smoothie and was going it wrong. Now I know. LOL!

Lesson #2: Beauty secrets in unexpected places
With my natural hair consults business, I also make a product. Whipped shea butter with some added oils to help with the most common problem in our natural hair community, keeping hair moisturized. I was at my cousin's birthday dinner, talking with her friends about hair and different products and techniques. My mother just so happened to have some of my product samples in her purse. Gotta love mothers. Then, my cousin's friend tells me one of the best products to seal moisture in skin and hair. This product helps protect from heat when heat styling. Something else you can get from the grocery store. The product is......Crisco. Yes, the Crisco shortening that our grandmothers use for cooking. Go ahead and Google it. People have been using Crisco for YEARS in their beauty regimen. Just don't eat it. LOL!

I am always listening and learning. My way is tried and true for me but I know there could be a better way out there. Life teaches us everyday. All lessons aren't taught in the classroom. Education can be anywhere. Have an open mind and you will be able to learn beyond what you ever imagined.

We would love to work with you at Fancy Free, LLC. We specialize in health and wellness but the personal growth you gain from working with us is phenomenal. Contact us at (410) 929-0302 today for your complimentary consultation to see how we can help you expand.

Monday, April 27, 2015

How To Create A Budget - Five Steps To Making A Personal Budget That Works For You
What is a budget? The dictionary defines it as an estimate of income and expenditure for a set time. Large corporations have budgets. Small businesses have budgets. Households should have budgets. If you find that you are living pay check to pay check, odds are you need to create a budget. Not sure where to start? Here are general steps to follow for creating a budget.

Five Steps To Creating A Budget

1. Document all income and an exact list of expenditures.
Start with your monthly income and your monthly living expenses. Then include how much you spend every month on everything else. Everything else includes coffee money, gas money, groceries, hobbies, fitness center, debt payment, clothes, dry cleaning, etc. You need an accurate picture of what is coming in and going out.
2. Factor in a savings plan.
No matter what your financial goal is, make room to save 10% of your net income. For every $10 you bring home, put $1 in a savings account. Be faithful with this regimen and you will see your savings grow. Savings allow you to borrow from yourself in emergencies instead of using credit. Adjust your living expenses so that you can live on 90% of your net income.
3. Determine your financial goals and make adjustments to your budget to meet them.
By writing down where your money is going, you will get a good idea of the adjustments you can make to meet your financial goals. If your goal is to pay debt, a good place to start is using 10%-20% of your net income to pay debt. Adjust your other expenses so that you can do this. If 10%-20% of your net income does not cover your minimum payment requirements, look to see where you can make concessions or call your creditors to make other arrangements so that debt payment will fit into your budget. Creditors are willing to work with you when you express your plan to repay them.
4. Allow some wiggle room.
Creating a budget is not meant to deprive you of happiness or fun. Budgets will keep you from going into debt enjoying things that are not affordable. Depriving yourself can lead to bingeing, which defeats the purpose of budgeting. Create a vacation fund if you like to vacation or a shopping fund if you like to shop. Budget to contribute an amount to these funds so that when you are ready to take a vacation or go shoe shopping you aren't using money that has already been allocated to something else.
5. Stay within your budget.
Consistency is the key to success in anything. As your financial situation changes, adjust your budget so. If you suffer a financial loss, revisit your budget. If you have an increase in income, adjust your budget. Create a habit of staying within your budget no matter what your income is.

All households and income levels need a budget. Create a budget by writing down all the money coming in as well as what you are spending it on. Start saving 10% of your income, no matter what. Determine your financial goals and create your budget to meet them. To prevent binge spending, do not deprive yourself. Be disciplined by sticking to your budget.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Fancy Life On Fleek

Lordt. Jesus. Can time slow down? Life comes at you FAST!

Two years ago, I officially started my company, Fancy Free, LLC. I initially started it to operate my rental property expenses and my direct sales business but things happened and now it's an umbrella company, I like to refer to it as a lifestyle company. That includes "managing" my husband's Turn Up-ologist gigs and selling hair product and more. It's so funny how life hits you all at once. Like, it's literally feast or famine. In the times of famine, I don't get discouraged. I work on building my online campaign, generating content online and creating an online presence for my businesses. In the season of feast, I am a crazy person. And when I say crazy person, I mean, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Always doing something. No days off. Gotta book me at least 2 weeks in advance. Show nuff crazy person. And what makes me so crazy is I LOVE every bit of it.

When I begrudgingly made Fancy Free, LLC. official, I had no idea that I'd be doing all of the things that I do as a part of my business. It goes to show that my daddy and aunties were right. Do what you love and don't worry about money. The money will come. I've discovered the underlining common theme is in all that I do that gives me fulfillment. does that look in the Fancy Life?

Fancy Talk. I have a podcast that I record weekly with my god brother on his internet radio station We talk about life stuff and give tips for improvement. Depending on the topic and who is
in my network that can speak on it, I bring guests and let them to give input. It's like having a conversation about life with your good friends, bouncing ideas off of each other, recording it and posting it on the internet for everyone else to hear how insightful and goofy your are. LOL! It does take effort and preparation though. A good thing about it is, I have been able to practice my non-regional dialect since the show began. No longer can visitors hear IMMEDIATELY that I am from Baltimore.

Direct Sales. We have two different companies. One of them, I run with my husband. The other one, I run it by myself. We have picked up momentum with both of them, so we spend some time on the evenings and weekends with my business partners helping them build their businesses. We pour into them because helping them get what they want is fulfilling in itself. Getting paid is just a small perk.

The Woods Entertainment Group. The training associated with building a direct sales business is so phenomenal. You begin to feel invincible, like you really CAN do anything you want to. My husband being a DJ/Turn Upologist is a perfect example of that. He practices, all the dayum time, and is getting very good. Now, he has a regular spot on the Friday night live stream on His show is called The Preparation, what to listen to while you get ready to go out and party, the party before the party. LOL! The number if parties he's been requested to "Turn-Up" are becoming more frequent. I manage him and make sure all of the business is handled appropriately so he can focus on keeping the party popping. I go to most of the parties with him. Sometimes as the photographer, sometimes just as the "manager/hype woman" to get the party started. We are out with the people. Forming new relationships. Sometimes they even support our other ventures.

Natural Hair Consults. Originally, Fancy Free Hair Consults was something I started just to give a business card when someone asked more than three questions about my hair while I was out and about. It's amazing how there's so much information out there but we still prefer a personal touch and a plan catered to you and your needs. The consults have been picking up, face to face and virtual, and my clients are very pleased with the services.

Fancy Free Pomade. I started making it for my own hair because I couldn't find a product that met the
needs of my hair, was affordable, was easy to work with, and smelled nice. Then I started using it as lotion instead of my trusty Palmer's Cocoa Butter with all of those additives that don't really moisturize. Then I started making it for my friends. Then I started giving a sample of it to my hair consults clients. Then I put some samples in a swag bag for an event I helped plan and it's been moving like hotcakes ever since. I mean, I was gonna make it anyway, now I just make more and let the whole world enjoy it.

Real Estate. I have always invested in real estate but as an owner and landlord. I never ventured into investing and flipping because...well...I didn't think I had enough money to do that and I didn't know how to get started. So, when a really good friend of mine, who is VERY successful in real estate investing, offered a hands on mentor program, I was all in. It's been an amazing experience and I've started looking at real estate with a whole new set of eyes. The potential is limitless.

And don't forget, Fancy friends are being great, so I am often supporting one of their events and Fancy LOVES her a good vacation. So factor in a couple girls weekends or surprise getaways. BOOM! Calendar packed.

Surprisingly, I don't feel overwhelmed with everything I have going on. It may sound silly but I feel like my purpose is to expose as many people as possible to the Fancy Life and show them how they can have it, then help them along the way. When you're living in your purpose, you never feel like it's too much. Everything fits. I love to see people flourish. I am a helper. Is it your money? Is it your hair or skin? Do you need some pictures of your event? Do you need your party to be turned up? Is it just getting the courage to get started at whatever you're passionate about? Fancy to the rescue.

What do you want to do but just haven't gotten started yet? Contact Fancy Free, LLC. by phone or text, (410) 929-0302, or email