Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How Fancy Free Came To Be

Growing My Relaxer Out

I grew up in a salon, my great aunt's salon. A blue magic, press and curl, Marcel irons salon. My whole family grew up with long, healthy, relaxed hair. So, when I told my mother I wanted to grow my relaxer out
Since big hair was attainable with relaxed hair, I kept relaxing my hair for about 10 more years. After 3 degrees, a husband, and reaching my career goals, I was now more focused on my health. I was working out, making sure my food was organic and trying to eat right. I say "trying" cuz I love sweet and cakes and pies. One day, I asked myself why I was cautious about what I was putting in my body but still putting that crap ON my body. So, I had a talk with my husband, since my hair is his hair, and we decided no more relaxers. I would grow my relaxer out and finally have the big hair I wanted 10 years before.
Transitioning was tough for me, even though I knew how to take care of and style hair. Something about the 2 different textures made it difficult. But I saw it through and about 6 months into my transition, I was able to cut the last 2 inches of relaxed hair off and be totally "free" from chemicals.
at 20 y.o., her first question to me was "Why?" At 20, I ain't have no real answer other than that I wanted big hair. LOL! Which was a legit answer. She told me to rod my hair, pluck it out, and I'd have big hair. Hahahahahhahaha!!!

Fancy Free Natural Hair Consults

Not relaxing my hair has been a journey for me. I have had to experiment with styles and products. About 7 months in, I was able to get into my groove. That's when the questions started when I'd go out. And not just "Is that a twist out?", I'm talking they wanted step by step instructions for the entire process while I was walking out off my office building, running late for an appointment. This would happen to me all the time.
Almost every where I went. When my accountant suggested we start a home based business, I hadn't been introduced to direct sales yet, so....I ordered business cards and set a new gmail account. Voila! "Fancy Free Natural Hair Consults" was born. My marketing strategy? I would answer 3 questions about my hair, if there was a 4th question, I'd hand them a business card to set up a time for the interested party have a consultation. That didn't really start popping off until the product came around.

Fancy Free Shea Pomade

I have thick, kinky hair. Kinky hair tends to get dry. In experimenting, I found that I needed a heavy, shea based product to seal the moisture in and hold my twists. I tried a few products off the shelf but the texture was too waxy and difficult to work with or I didn't like the smell. I never thought about making my own. I went to a natural hair expo on a mission and I found a product made by a natural hair stylist, based in North Carolina. It smelled great and was easy to work with. However, the cost of shipping and time it took for me to get what I needed was just too much. So, one day I decided I could make it myself. I got me a recipe from the interwebs, picked up the ingredients and got cooking.
The first batch was a disaster. After making a mess in the kitchen, my husband spilled my shea all in the refrigerator and on the floor. *sigh* I was laugh-crying about it at work and one of my colleagues told me to whip it instead of melting it. It's less work, doesn't separate, and doesn't make that big of a mess. She was right! I whipped my own hair product for about a year before I started using it on my skin too. 
I kept that product a family secret for about 2 years. Only my sisters and I were using it. LOL! Then one of my master public relations girlfriends was getting dressed at my house for an event and used some of it. She said "This product is bomb! Start selling this ASAP!" So, I did and the rest is history.

NOW, my Natural Hair Consults include a 2 oz. Fancy Free Shea Pomade, a 3 day supply of awesome sauce nutritional supplements, that I use myself, and a customized hair care plan. I also sell the whipped shea by itself. With lots of support and word of mouth testimonials, Fancy Free Shea Pomade has grown leaps and bounds in just 9 months. As we continue to grow and try to fit the needs of every curly hair texture, stay tuned for more products in the Fancy Free line.

Just know that it is our goal to have everyone fall in love with their natural tresses and keep skin glowing and moisturized. 

Visit our website at www.fancyfreellc.com/hair for more about me and sign up get email updates about products and sales.  

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